Do what you love
Love what you do

Love What You Do. Do What You Love

Some say that you can’t mix business with pleasure. Let’s see about that. We’re proud to introduce three new collections, bags that are inspired by our Nordic roots and life on the move. Fashioned with the simple quality that is our trademark, they are designed to elevate your everyday journey.

Here at Golla, we are passionate about what we do and that comes out in everything we create. Clean, simple and extraordinary – we’re celebrating the exceptional, finding beauty in the details.

Work is no longer limited to the office. Real opportunity lies on the open road.

- My Day, My Adventure -

New Collections Now Available!

New Collections Now Available! We’re proud to introduce the all new Air and On The Road collections, which will soon be...

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My Day. My Adventure

For those who do what they love and love what they do, every day is an adventure with something new...

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