About us

The Golla story started in the early 90’s in a small Finnish town. Two ambitious brothers began designing and crafting furniture out of metal in their father’s old shed. They soon incorporated their strong sense of design by creating small functional items from rubber and plastic, which were sold around the world and even appeared in the MoMa gift shop in New York. By the turn of the millennium, a new era began when one of the brothers saw a market in fashionable accessories for portable electronic devices, just as the mobile revolution emerged. Golla joined this revolution and started bringing fashion and colour into the world of electronics. The Golla bags brought something new and unique with fresh styles and prints. Throughout the years, the collection of bags kept growing and has been introduced to new markets all around the globe. Today, the success story continues and Golla has attracted more than 40 million users of Generation Mobile worldwide.


Our vision is to be the leading consumer brand of fashionable carrying solutions for portable electronics around the world. We continuously set new trends with products that are unique, useful and universally appealing.


Our mission is to make technology part of your lifestyle and to provide the most stylish accessories to fit it. The market of electronics is developing fast and new technology shapes the customers’ needs and preferences. By staying innovative, Golla will help shape the products and trends of the future.

Brand heritage

Golla is the original brand that brought colors and prints to portable electronics. Designing fashion bags for portable electronics is our specialty. Golla bags are known worldwide for their array of colours, stylish prints and good quality.