The city is alive, just waiting to be discovered…

The city is alive, just waiting to be discovered, let your story be told… Morning coffee, afternoon in the park, meeting with friends, from the street to the office follow your passion and let the Air take you there. Designed for people whose light spirit and uplifting outlook towards life make anything possible, turning dreams into reality. Those who enjoy the simple things, taking in life’s passing moments which bring a glimmer of excitement and surprise into everyday living. With a soft and sweet touch of Scandinavian simplicity they express style as no one else can, in it is a spirit of timeless elegance and sophistication that represents freedom in its purest form, the freedom to roam. The Air collection is for those who are ready for the day’s adventure. It is about enjoying life’s simple things, taking in the small moments and getting the most out of each day. It’s about the serenity of first daybreak, the smell of morning coffee, a breeze through the trees, mist from the sea air… The collection embraces our natural curiosity to explore, to discover and take in everything around us. It is a breath of fresh Air for your everyday adventures.

Follow your passion.

“The world only exists in your eyes. Make it as big or as small as you want.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

The City is Alive