Hear the call of the open road…

Carrying in it the spirit of adventure, the echo of the unexpected, taking you down the roads less traveled. It represents our longing to explore, to go further, to be out on the edge and experience it all. No matter the destination the journey is something to desire.

How do we know where our road will take us when the path is ever changing? Every turn, every direction leads to unlimited possibilities…Those who will answer the call of the open road live everyday as an adventure, with a natural longing to explore, to move, and for them each moment is another opportunity to see everything anew and bring the road to life. Those who believe wisdom can only be gained from hard earned experience know that there’s no such thing as a second impression, that standing out and shouting are two different things. They carry inside a driving force to get the job done wherever the work takes them.  The paths are not always clear but the destination is always within sight. How we get there is up to us.

So where does it all begin? Maybe the destination isn’t important. Maybe the journey is what drives us. That urge to go where few have been, to see what no one else has, to reach beyond the horizon placing a foot to the path and our back to the wind, carrying us to far destinations and discovering new worlds…

Where does it all begin? On the Road.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

-Lewis Carroll